Bathroom Tiles and Tiling
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Bathroom Tiles and Tiling

There is more to bathroom tiling than you might first think..

Whether your building a new bathroom from scratch or renovating an old one, or licensed experts will custom design every detail of your bathroom tiling solution. We take into consideration the layout, colours, surfaces and materials involved as well as the integration of porcelain features such as baths, toilets and sinks. We enjoy getting bogged down in the tiny details because we know that each little tile has its place in the bigger picture. For more information, check out the tile laying process here.

We put in the hard work now, to ensure that your tiled surfaces are stunning to behold and will stand the test of time. We will work with you to create the perfect design and finish that will give your daily bathroom activities a warm, inviting and luxurious backdrop, that you’ll never get tired of. A stunning bathroom can transforms our regular daily necessity, into time well spent and most importantly, enjoyed.

Things to consider when your thinking about renovating your bathroom

While tiling your bathroom may seem pretty straight forward at a first glance, much more goes into the process than you might imagine. Even the measuring process and creating a detailed layout is a task that involves quite a bit of know how. This step involves the careful consideration of several factors which take into account, the total area to be covered, then evenness of the surfaces, the direction of flow towards drainage, how to incorporate features such as baths, sinks, windows, showers, toilets, doorways etc and last but not least the shapes and size of the tiles being used.

An experienced professional can calculate all of these with precision, making sure the job is neat and symmetrical and that your tiles are not wasted filling in lots of odd angles and gaps left by poor layout design.

Why tiles are the perfect choice for your bathroom

Tiles are usually the first choice for bathrooms and with good reason. Almost any area or surface of your bathroom can be tiled and they are usually the material of choice because they add texture, design and practicality for areas that are frequently subjected to moisture.

Often old or poorly installed tiles can benefit from the process of retiling, in which the old surfaces are removed and replaces. This can give your bathroom a new lease on life or often transform the space entirely. Problems can often occur when tiles show the following signs.

  • The tiles become stained and therefore difficult to clean

  • Grout between tiles can become porous, leaky, cracked, stained which makes the tile vulnerable and can lead to sharp edges being exposed

  • Tiles or grout can become mouldy, which makes them look terrible and can give off an unpleasant odour.

  • Tiles become shabby, broken or wobbly which represents a safety hazard.

So whether your looking to rejuvenate your old bathroom tiles or your installing the master bathroom of your new dream home, brand new tiles that are installed by a Master Tiler will transform the space into a warm, comforting and luxurious space for you to enjoy for the years to come.

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